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About Us

There are three types of people in this world :

  • Those who make things happen.
  • Those who predict things to happen.
  • Those who wonder what happened.

We certainly fall in category two. If you fall in category three join us..together we will be category one.

Wealth Wishers is the team which analyzes past, predict future, act accordingly and prompt enough to take profits home. This is the advisory firm backed with sound, rigorous and smart research base Wealth Wishers provides recommendations for Stocks- Cash and F&O traded in NSE & BSE.

We provide trading calls live through WhatsApp very efficient system ensuring the instant delivery of Message so that you can enter the trade conveniently. We like to help investors to gain better advantage from our trading calls on NIFTY, STOCK CASH (INTRADAY AND DELIEVERY), STOCK FUTURE AND OPTIONS.

  We can't change the direction of wind but we can set the sail

Wealth Wishers provides Nifty tips and Share tips for Indian Stock market. The accurate tips provided by us in Indian market are a result of our expertise in analyzing the market trends and sentiments. We use technical analysis, chart patterns, and several other resources to come up with all best share tips and nifty tips for our clients.

We have a very good research team with years of experience and expertise in financial markets powered with best software, information system and advanced research tools. we provide CALLS ON YOUR MOBILE FOR INTRADAY AND POSITIONAL IN STOCKS CASH ,FUTURE , OPTION, CALL, PUT AND NIFTY.


Our motto is to make you earn decent return on your capital with risk as low as possible.


We intend to develop a vision which can predict future as accurately as possible.


"Love money not stocks"

  We Believe

"Better research better return"

We put a lot of effort in our research to give you the best.


  • Please don't take it in a wrong way but so far we didn't achieved as we promised, rather we achieved more.
  • We can't spell success without 'U'.
  • We don't have failure in our dictionary but we consider it as learning experience.